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September 11, 2001 was an extremely tragic day in the history of America, indeed, in the history of the world.

Losing so many lives, seeing how some people can be so malicious, how they can perform such heinous acts with no sense of wrongdoing, even thinking that they're performing these acts as an act of honor to their country, is beyond my understanding. How could they not see that taking another's life, even taking their own life, was wrong?
I guess we'll never know the answers but if we could have at least learned from such a tragedy....if we could become closer, wiser, stronger, more loving toward our fellow man, more aware and appreciative of the power of our great country and what it stands for, then all was not for naught.
Photo from September 11 news.
Photo from September 11news.
We'll never forget the day our world wept...screamed with the pain of such a tragedy. We'll always remember the day our nation united more strongly than ever forming an unpenetrable bond with one another and with the rest of the world and fought to keep our land free, our people strong and our nation united.

The love, pain, persistance and strength of so many wonderful people who spent so many sleepless, exhausting nights... days... weeks... months... searching through the rubble, never giving up hope until there was no hope left to give up on, will never be forgotten.
Photo from the September 11 news.
During this time, I wrote some poems to try to bring at least a little bit of comfort to those who happened across them. I'd like to share them with you in the following pages. I dedicate them to those we lost and their families and friends they left behind. Tara Shea Creamer was a relative of my husbands. The poems were also included in the Noble Eagle Memorial Quilt, a quilt that was being dedicated to these victims and their families. Sadly, many of the quilts in this project were stolen and the project had to be abandoned.
Poem~God Bless America
God Bless America
Poem~Old Glory
Old Glory
Poem~The Light Of Unity
The Light Of Unity
Poem~Thank You
Thank You
My Sincere Thanks To Lady J For This Beautiful Memorial.
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