We cried together that black day
Such sorrow, fear and pain
So many lost their lives we cried
Our hearts were filled with such disdain

If only we could turn back time
To change the fate that day
Dear God I know we shouldn't ask
Why does it have to be this way?
I tried to crawl inside myself
And turn my heart to stone
To hide my pain deep in my soul
Seek peace and comfort all alone

Still ringing in my ears it came
The screams of pain and sorrow
Emblazoned always in my heart
From now until each new tomorrow

I want to scream, I want to shout
I want to make it cease
Still it hurts and scares me so
The pain, I cannot ease

Then suddenly I realized
I could not hold it in
I had to cry and let it out
For healing to begin

I opened up my heart again
I crawled out of that hole
No longer hiding deep inside
I opened up my soul

Tears flowed forth for those we lost
For loved ones left behind
Tears for that uncertainty
That's racing through my mind

I know they'll wash away my fears
They'll wash away my pain
Making room for those still here
Who'll make our nation safe again

And opening up my eyes I saw
I do not cry alone
I have the whole world by my side
Prayers and love and comfort shown

(C) 9/14/01 By Susan L. Anderson
My sincere thanks to D.E. Waldron and Guy Parneix for the use of this incredible image.
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