A year has passed since that black day
Just one short year ago today
The harrowing voices crying in disdain
The screams, the sobs cry out in soft refrain

For those we lost and those they left behind
Terrorism, hate and fear all came to mind
How could another human cause such grief?!
How horrible....a crime beyond belief!

The world we knew changed right before our eyes
The stars, the moon and sun dropped from our skies!
Lost hope..lost faith..lost love..those terrorists craved
But we shocked them with our unity so brave

Coming to our aid from near and far
Supporting this great country that we are
They helped us see the power that remained
The dignity and love and faith  refrained

We held our wounded hands out to our brother
Grasped, held fast and prayed with one another
We showed the world that dark day in September
That our great nation always will remember

Terrorists can't break our promised land
One nation under God in which we stand
We've held together, prayed and our strength grew
We may have lost the land that we once knew

But loved ones, even babies not yet born
Will greet the brand new day at break of dawn
And hold their heads up high with love and pride
Knowing we stand together by their side

May We Never Forget

Written With Love And Honor
Susan L. Anderson
© 9/11/02
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In remembrance of all those lives that were lost,  shattered, and to all we must endure in the days ahead.