Through good times and bad
She waves high above
Standing for liberty,
Unity and love

She's brilliant and brave
She's strong and she's true
Displaying her colors
Of red, white and blue

She's led us through wars
For 200 years
She's seen many soldiers
Through so many fears

When terrorists struck
That bleak morning at 8:45
That day in September
Took so many lives

News cut through our hearts
Tore our souls, made us mourn
And left our great nation
In shock and forlorn

Yet we've banded together
We're brave and we're strong
We're struggling through
These days are so long

But our flag goes on waving
To say that she'll see
We will not be broken
Our land remains free

Our soldiers will fight
So strong and so brave
To ensure that Old Glory
Shall ever more wave

(c) 9/16/01 By Susan L. Anderson
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