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For Bringing our families closer together

For showing us how very much other countries care about us

For opening our eyes to our fellow Americans

For showing us that we can indeed have world peace

For deepening our patriotism to our glorious country

For showing us how hate can have such an adverse effect on our enemy

For reminding us how strong we are

For opening our eyes, our hearts and our hands to one another

As you struggle to keep your terrorists fighting against us

You drive us to help those poor refugees

People who you should care about

People who are citizens of your country

Who should have your love, your help, your support

Instead they run from you, they starve, they fear you and your followers

They die at their own leaders hands

I weep for you Osama bin Laden

I weep for the poor victims of your twisted mind

And I thank you for showing us how very much we are loved

God Bless America!

God Bless The World!

Let Freedom Ring!

(c) 10/7/01 By Susan L. Anderson

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