The sky was pink from setting sun
Silence filled the air
My mind was filled with wonder
Would many people care?

A notice came to me one day
Pay tribute came the call
Together light a candle
Friday at seven, one and all

How many did this notice touch?
Did it reach out to the 'morrow?
How many would there be to share
Their hope, their love and sorrow?

Step out your door or stop your car
Unite together one and all
No matter where you are
Show strength together and stand tall

The night approached, the time grew near
I stepped outside the door
My eyes were filled with wonder
To see so many more!

We lit our candles and we sang
One nation's strength we hailed
God bless our great America
Our unity prevailed!

We prayed for senseless loss of lives
Their families left behind
We prayed that through our unity
Some comfort they should find

I walked away in solitude
My heart was filled with pride
From angels wings love drifted in
Lit candles, prayers, support worldwide

(c) 9/18/01 By Susan L. Anderson

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