I don't howl THIS loud, cuz
I'M a lady through and through.
Mom says so.
I AM a hound though,
so I DO howl...sometimes.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is
Everyone has a story and I'd like to tell mine here. I was born in Kentucky but I'm not quite sure exactly when. My vet said that it was probably around Christmas, so that's my birthday from now on. It was Christmas of 2004. Somebody named me Mary, but Mom and the rest of the family like Abby better, so I do too.
I'm an English Coonhound and didn't like hunting much, so the folks down there were getting rid of me. They sent me to a shelter where they were going to put me to sleep....I mean FOR GOOD! Well, thank GOD that a nice lady named Peggy, from Peggy's Pups Coonhound Rescue in Crawfordsville, Indiana saw me and rescued me! I stayed with her for about a month. She was  REAL nice. She brought me to Petsmart cuz she thought I was sooo pretty. I was on my best behavior and trying to look my best and guess what?! ANOTHER awesome lady named Jodi, from Rescue Farm in Ellettsville, Indiana (she takes us into her OWN HOME and I hear that she's even bought a nice big farm so she can rescue even MORE dogs), saw me and said I was....what was that word....oh, yeah...STUNNING! WOW That's pretty neat! I mean...ME...bein' thrown out cuz I was not good for HUNTING...am STUNNING!! REALLY! I just don't like hunting...no crime against THAT, is there?!?!? Anyway....on with my story. Jodi sent an email to another friend named Blair at the Baypath Humane Society, Inc. in Hopkinton, MA...(notice I'm getting closer to "home"?) Well, my Mom just happened to be looking for a nice little dog (moi). She looked at lots of places and had a hard time cuz she and my Dad had just had to let their last dog go. He sounds like a real nice ol' guy...but that was his problem...he was 17 years old and wasn't doing very well. His name was Bandit and it was time for him to move on to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom and Dad know that he's happy there, cuz he's young again and doesn't hurt any more but they sure miss him. I honestly think that he's the one who guided them to ME. I'm so happy and thankful. I ran away once but honest...I didn't mean to. Mom put me on a run, so I guess I just thought I was supposed to...you know...RUN. I guess I wasn't though, cuz once I ran, I got lost and couldn't find my way home. I was lost for THREE whole days! How scared and hungry I was and wanted nothing more than to find my Mom and Dad again.
God was watching over me, cuz a nice lady just a few streets over, found me and called the number on my tag. It was the wrong number though...or maybe she dialed it wrong, cuz it was the right number. At any rate, she checked my other tag that Mom left on me from the Baypath Humane Society. They called my Mom and after a few more calls, the nice lady who found me, got her neighbor to bring me home. Was I ever happy! I was real skinny by then and sooo tired....and there was nothing like the sight of my old familiar bed and toys.
Right after I got home again. I was sooo happy to see my kitty! Cindy had bought me a new, real soft bed that she put on top of my shelter blankets.(The people from the shelters were sooo good to me and gave me blankets, my kitty, a fluffy little soccer ball and lots of great food and snacks...but the best thing of all that they gave me was my safe and loving new family.) Then Mom decided that I was so bony, I might need Melanie's Sesame Street Comforter. Am I ever comfortable! (I still try to sneak onto the chair, but Mom catches me and scoots me down. My bed is almost as high and probably is softer than that ol' chair anyway, so I really don't mind.
Remember Bandit? Well, he was nice enough to leave me his bone. I love it and don't let it out of my sight.Oh yeah...did ya notice that Mom put a silly Easter bandana on me? (I haven't told her yet, but I really like it.) Dad brought me home a NEW bone of my own, but I've taken to sleeping with BOTH of them.
Thank You Lord, for taking care of me through this long journey. Thank You  for placing  all of these wonderful people in my path to help me and most of all, for leading me to my new and forever home.
Love ~ Abby
Here are the links to some of the people who help find new homes for us or help us out any way they can. I'm so thankful that there are people like these, to rescue and help pets like me. Their hearts are filled with love.
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Here I am in May of 2007. I'm 2 years old now and have put some meat on my bones. Mom thinks I look great and so does the vet! Oh yeah....as for those silly bandanas....nawww...I decided that I don't like them after all but I sure do love my family! Here I am with Cindy's puppy, Cody. He comes over and takes over the house but I can handle it. After all, he's only a puppy...and I know he's going home to his cats soon. Hehehe!
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All dressed up in my Sunday best!
We had to say good-bye to Abby on March 23, 2019 when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful little lady and we miss her dearly. I'm glad she had a happy life with us and look forward to seeing her again in heaven.