Hi! I'm Bandit, as you can see from the title up there. I came to my home from the Sterling Animal Shelter, on March 17th, 1990, when I was 8 month's old. This picture was taken in 1999. You can see that my beard was getting pretty white. My mom thinks it's cute, though. She's pretty nice and wanted to show me off, so here I am. I don't like having my picture taken much, but I put up with it cuz I love her.
Danny gave her this cookie jar for me. Isn't it cool?! I love it....not because it's always full of cookies or anythin'...
Here I am in the summer of 2003, right after my haircut. Cindy took me for it. She always does, when she watches me, so I look handsome when my mom gets home. Like my new bandana? I love them!
Here I am on the 4th of July, 2002. I'm very patriotic!
Judy's Memorial Page
Here I am at Christmas time in 2003. This was a friend of my mom's. Her name was Judy. I'm sorry to say, that she went to Heaven on March 5, 2005. You can see her memorial, if you click on our picture.
No...it isn't dandruff! It's the first snow of the season, November 12, 2004. It was only the beginning....
Now THIS was SNOW!!! I love it, but my arthritis doesn't....ouch!
Hey Yankees....who's your daddy NOW?!? (hehehe)
Feel free to email me...errr....my mom
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Thank you for letting my Mom use this cute background set!
Here are some poems my mom wrote about me.
My Furry Little Guy

As I went to leave the house today
My favorite little guy
Pleaded with his eyes so brown
I can’t come? But, why?

Don’t look at me that way I said
You know I won’t be long
He cocked his head and just stared back
Looking so forlorn

I’ll be right back I promise you
As I went to shut the door
He dropped his head and moped along
Across the kitchen floor

I turned the key and as I did
My heart knew what to do
I couldn’t leave my little guy
His heart knew me well too

I cracked the door and he looked up
Then out the door he ran
He rushed right past and as I smiled
He jumped into the van

He sat so proud and happy
He seemed to don a smile
How could I leave my little guy
Even for just a while

© 2000 By Susan L. Anderson

Watch That Paw!

I got ready this morning
To go for a ride
Grabbed a bottle of water
And a bowl, in my stride

He hoped as he watched
Water? Well, maybe
A bowl? Ooh, I hope so!
There’s the nod, c’mon baby!

Want to go for a ride?
I didn’t have to ask twice
He was jumping with joy
Wow! That would be nice!

He jumped in the van
And sat next to me
Looking as happy
As he could be

I opened the window
And he rested his paw
The window was closing!
Watch out for your jaw!

Whew! He made it!
He moved his head just in time
Then looked at my window
What happened to mine?!?

Silly boy, I said
Gotta watch that paw
I reopened his window
And he watched his jaw

© Susan L. Anderson

Well, you've finally reached the end. I hope you enjoyed my page as much as my mom enjoyed making it and please  be sure to come back soon!
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Thank you for rescuing me and finding me a great home!
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My sincere thanks to the singing man for supplying me with this great song!
The Animal Shelter I came from.
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March 6, 2006
Sadly, I must let you know that we had to say our final good-byes to Bandit today. He was 17 years old, very deaf, was going blind and was filled with painful arthritis. The vet also found either a tumor growing inside him or fluid was building up around his poor old heart or liver. He was in a lot of pain and even though he was trying to be brave for us, we had to let him move on to the Rainbow Bridge, where he can be young again, romping and playing with all those who have gone before him.
God bless you ol' boy. We love you and miss you.
With Love Forever,
Your Loving Family
To Bandit's Memorial Page at Find A Grave
Click on the Rainbow Bridge to visit Bandit's Memorial page at Find A Grave
"Bandit" by Kaitlyn
April 16, 2005