Come peak in my window
And look down my hall
And see the additions
I have on my wall!
Here's my son Danny
And daughters Cindy and Melanie
(She'd only sit
On her big brother's  knee!)
Then Danny with his family... Stephanie and Jillian  you can tell
And  of course on Daddy's knee
Little Jason as well!
Next we have Pete and Cindy
With Alicia on the right
Kaitlyn's on the left
And Megan's in mid sight!
And here are my grandchildren
Sitting all in a group
Kaitlyn, Jillian, Megan, Alicia and Jason
My goodness, what a troupe!
Now here's my whole family
All sitting together
My pride and my joy
Forever and ever!
"What a surprise!" I did cry
Oh, what a delight!
Then with all of my love
I bade them goodnight!
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