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Being a mother for so many years

Has brought me joy

Has brought me tears

So happy with that new babe in arms

With all of its beauty and all of its charm

Cuddling this wee one through thick and through thin

Through feedings and colic and diapers and pins

Through growing and walking and talking and learning

Through running and writing and experiences they're yearning

For their freedom, their independence, their young hearts do cry

As we watch them spreading their wings to fly

We're always there when they fall and get hurt

We know they've gotten their just dessert

We carefully admonish these beautiful faces

We smile and set them back in their places

To fly again and soon they soar

Out on their own and out of the door

Our rewards are many

Though our thanks are few

Until the day when they look at you

With babes in their arms

They suddenly see

How much they meant

To you and to me

©2001 by Susan L. Anderson
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