Out to the kitchen to have some tea
When I got there oh, dear me!
What did I come out here for?
Musta been to do a chore

Run the water to do the dishes
Doggie lets you know his wishes
Give the little guy a bone
What's that ringing? Oh, the phone.

Write a note to get some bread
Oh, the birds need to be fed
Go to the closet for the feed
Now, what was it that I need?

Oh, the mop to wash the floor
Someone's knocking at the door
Back to the kitchen for some tea
Water's cold, oh, dear me!

Husband's home to my dismay
What the heck did you do all day?!
Tea cup sitting on the table
Dirty dishes, weren't you able?!?

Doggie waiting for a bone
Pen and paper by the phone
Birds chirping for their seed
Don't you ever see their need?!

I've been so busy every day
And you don't notice...think I play
Think I'll have a cup of tea
Water's cold, oh, dear me!

© 6/6/01 By Susan L. Anderson

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