My Life Within
Living With Fibromyalgia
My days are long
My nights are worse
I barely sleep
Oh, what a curse
My muscles ache
I don't know why
I can't remember
Although I try
My family cries
Where have I gone
They cannot see
Me moving on
I used to be so full of life
Now I'm weary, full of strife
It's slowed me down
Oh, what a curse
Some days I go from bad to worse

Well, maybe this is not so bad
I've used up all the strength I had
Instead I think that I've been blessed
With taking time to get some rest
It's made me change my ways, you see
I've had to start to think of me

It's good for me to take the time
To grasp that inner peace of mind
It's nice discovering who I am
Taking time to view the land
To see how much I love to write
To think, to paint, just feels so right
This must have been the plan for me
God blessed me surely, now I see

Copyright © Susan L. Anderson
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