The Longest Mile

It seems that through this life we live

Through beauty, love and wonder

Pain is interspersed with all we strive to put asunder

With marriage came the painful hours and days turned into weeks

Of dreams lost to reality, of promises not meant to keep

Then I was blessed with little lives entrusted in my care

Love and hope and dreams come true

Forevermore my life to share

More shattered dreams unfolded when

Without insight or warning

A child impaired in many ways

Did come to me one morning

As love grew deeper ever still, this little life did flower

The pain again laced through my soul

Gave way to greater power

How swiftly all the years do pass and as they do I sigh

I count my blessings, arsenic laced

All tolled, I'm soaring high

Had I never felt the throngs of pain thrust in so deep

Felt burning tears seep from my eyes

And overflow right down my cheek

Could I have felt the depth of love

The breadth of joy

The height of all worthwhile

My destination I have reached

I've run the longest mile

© 4/30/01 by Susan L. Anderson
Sue's Sanctuary
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