Amongst the joy in their hearts today
As they were chosen to host the 2012 Olympics
Terror struck their lives

Without warning
37 people were killed
700 people were wounded

Through peace and love and happiness
With horror, with evil in their hearts

There is no rhyme or reason
Only grief…shock…tears
With a sick familiarity to us in America

Try as they may, they cannot ruin our lives
We condemn these barbaric, inhumane actions
We stand together in solidarity with Great Britain

Four blasts rocked the London subway
Tore open a double-decker bus
As terrorists struck again

They cannot break any of us
They only build our strength
Only bring us closer together

Can you hear us?
Do you know our strength?!
The victims will not have died in vain

We bow our heads in prayer
As you run and hide once again
Cowards who think you can control the world

Instead of tearing us apart
You’re bringing us closer together
God is our co-pilot
And we will prevail!

© 7July05 By Susan L. Anderson

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Thank you Guardian Angel Anahera of Heaven's Angels, for this beautiful gift.
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July 8, 2005
The number of deaths from this tragedy has risen to more than 50. Here is a link where you can learn of further updates and see the list of victims.
God bless one and all.
thank you Elaine, for this beautiful gift.
Thank you Laurie, for this thoughtful gift.
Thank you WOSIB
President Bush and Queen Elizabeth II Photo © AP/WWP
The flag at Buckingham Palace flies at half mast photo ©