Heaven's Angels celebrated their 4th birthday in June of 2005. They had a poem/short story contest and I was fortunate enough to win FIRST PLACE. We were given a list of words that had to be included in our writing. Here is my winning entry. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Four years ago, in 2001
A wonderful idea began to be spun
It started out in our great founder’s head
And worked its way through an internet thread

Guardian DeDe is our founder’s name
A spectacular person with this claim to fame
She started a group on the World Wide Web
“Calling all angels!” is what she said

Anyone with a caring heart,
Join me, as a group we’ll start
People came from near and far
All fitting the description, here we are!

How wonderful! How exciting! How truly awesome!
She could hardly believe so many would come!
You were sent straight from heaven, right to me
So “Heaven’s Angels” is who we will be.

Donning a grin….no a great big smile
One that I know would have stretched a mile,
DeDe gathered us all together
We loved her from the day we met her.

Now, what to do with this great big crowd…
I’ll split them into various clouds!
For every cloud, I’ll appoint a Guardian
A Heavenly way for our Clouds to begin.

We’ll work together across the land
Spreading kindness from hand to hand
We’ll be right here with hugs and praise
Helping each other in various ways

We’ll have clouds for outreach, for games and good buddies
Even events for us old fuddy-duddies
We’ll know how to reach out in disguise
Because Heaven’s angels are very wise.

We’ll celebrate angel dates, babies and weddings
Anniversaries and birthdays in all different settings.
We’ll have clouds for acceptance and angelic expressions
For sympathy and memorials, leave angel impressions

With angels to work on our heavenly scroll
And those who enjoy a star search, we’ll enroll
We’ll leave angel-prints in guestbooks, send cards and email
There’ll be heart tugs aplenty, angelic love we’ll all feel

We’ll have contests with prizes made especially for us
With angelic tubes, artistic illustrators and such
Charmers—stampers and patchwork quilt makers
We’re totally, thoroughly, great celebrators!

Well, now, four years later we’re still going strong
So come on and celebrate and join us in song
With Birthday cake, candles, balloons, a sarong?!
Yes, let’s party hearty….we’re now four years strong!

© 2005 Susan Anderson
~Angel of Light~

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