Some people like to plant their gardens in the spring

And marvel at the produce that very soon they'll bring

The flowers that they love to grow entice their hearts to sing

Blessing them with happiness and little sprites to bring

That's all very beautiful and I find my joy there too

But here's a crones real motive...I'll share it here with you

When I find myself upset, alone or feeling blue

I go out to the garden, so green and lovely too

I pull the weeds and pull again and then I pull some more

I work away those worries and those feelings I abhor

So when I see you coming and put a smile upon my face

You'll look around and rarely find a weed upon my place

And you will know the secret that this old crone has shared

And remember it as you grow old

and from your worries you'll be spared

© 6/12/01 By Susan L. Anderson

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