Ever been by the little swamp
down beyond the stream?
And stopped to listen to the sounds
as you sat there to dream?

Ever seen the little frog upon the lily pad?
Croaking oh so sullenly, sounding oh so sad?
Well, maybe you're too young to know
So let me tell my tale below

She was an ugly little frog
but she was so consistent
Calling out to everyone..
.she was quite persistent

Especially when young men came by,
she really croaked her best
Ribit, ribit came her song
as she put them to the test

Kiss me please you handsome prince,
you surely won't regret it
You'll be rewarded wonderfully,
you never will forget it

Well, days turned into weeks and then
the weeks turned into years
And nary a prince would kiss her lips
and she shed many tears

Then it happened, one fine day
when she about gave up
The most handsome prince with fine white hair
bent down to pick her up

He whispered in her tiny ear
how he was old but so sincere
He kissed her little froggy lips
and oh, what did appear?!
He turned this ugly little frog
from this swampy little pond
Into the most beautiful white haired crone
as if he waved a magic wand!

They gazed into each others eyes
and as they kissed again he said
My lovely crone, I've searched for you...
as to the castle she was led
They lived a life of happiness,
her wisdom he adored
And happily ever after,
she was protected by his sword

The morale of this story then
is evident and clear
Always search for what's inside,
for that's what's most sincere

© 6/12/01 By Susan L. Anderson
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