Here are some very helpful pages that I've found over time. I hope they help you as much as they've helped me!

Guide To Grammar And Writing
Collage Poem-non magnetic poetry
Collage Poem-non magnetic poetry
Tips On Writing Haiku
Rhyming Dictionary And Thesaurus
Rhyming Dictionary And Thesaurus
I thought  I would pass this interesting information on from Josephine Wall about Undine, the beautiful nymph in the welcome picture. She rises from her watery depths bearing gifts of plants and water creatures to enhance our world. In her hand she holds an ancient artifact, an offering from Neptune, meant to inspire the imagination and lift cascading from her hair to surround the harpist with gentle currents of comfort and peace.
Finding the time anywhere in the world..
Where to go and how to get there!
PC Don's Computer Help
Technical Terms Encyclopedia
Fun Sites
Beautiful Pages About Love And Friendship
Sue's Sanctuary
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Many thanks to Angels Design for the use of her beautiful background set!
Many thanks to Josephine Wall For her beautiful artwork!
Many thanks to Don Gilman for his beautiful music!
Merriam-Webster On Line-The Language Center
At time and, besides the current time and date, you can find information on and calculate different  time zones, calendars, dates and all kinds of time and date related information.
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