When Babies Go To Heaven

When babies go to heaven
They don’t grow anymore
They gurgle and coo and giggle
They’re babies forevermore
    Throughout my life, I've encountered many people who have lost their precious children. Some were not even born yet.  No matter how old or what the circumstances were though, I've come to realize that many people wonder what happens once their baby leaves them. I've never lost a baby or a child myself but my children, other family members, and friends have. Although I've always felt helpless, I've given them all a great deal of thought. I'd like to share these thoughts with you, and them, now.
From the very time they leave us
To enter heaven’s door
They never hurt or cry again
They’re free from pain forevermore
When babies go to heaven
From way up high above
They’re always watching over us
Knowing of our love
All their days are happy
All their nights are too
Happily ever after
Just waiting there for you
So once your baby leaves you
Take comfort in this thought
Your tiny baby's waiting
To be cuddled and held by you a lot

© March 6, 2005 by Susan L. Anderson
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