I look in the mirror and what do I see?
An aging old lady staring back at me.

Those little crows feet are growing bigger.
Wrinkles are deeper…oh my….go figure!

I can feel all the hairs growing out of my chin
When I go to pluck them, I miss the spot they're in!

My eyebrows are growing thick, it's true
But without my glasses I can't shape them anew!

My naked profile can never be taken
Cuz all I can see is that round belly shakin'!

But even with all of this aging I see
I've grown to love myself for me!

So I'll don my red coat and my purple hat
Put a smile on my face and not care 'bout all that.

I'm more happy now than I've ever been
It doesn't matter what shape I'm in!

© 6/7/01 By Susan L. Anderson

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